Braised Duck Legs from Zuni Cafe cookbook

I am in the middle of making this recipe and the internal temp of the legs is already at almost 200, but I am supposed to braise these for 20 minutes more at a higher temp (they have been in the oven at 300 for 1.5 hrs and the last step is to uncover them and cook for 20 minutes at 375F). I'm afraid to overcook them, and have taken them out of the oven. They feel tender and smell amazing. Because you flip the legs halfway through, the skin is now a little soft and I'm thinking that I would put them back in for 10 minutes uncovered at the higher temp to crisp up the skin and then serve. Thoughts please!



hunter D. April 3, 2019
to make it crisper you could fry the outside really quickly if you have a fryer or you could try it in a pan because putting it back in the oven may cause it to over cook
Nancy April 2, 2019
Maybe too late but hope this helps:
Another version of the recipe suggests shorter cooking times if the duck legs are small.
Go with your experience, internal temp and the way the duck legs look when you cut into them.
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