Gluten free, dairy free, easy to transport dessert?

After a couple too many glasses of wine the other night I offered to bring dessert to a friend's house. He doesn't eat dairy or gluten, and the dish has to be easy to transport as I'll be carrying it around London most of the day. Help! Any advice greatly appreciated.



luvcookbooks January 14, 2015
On this site, Liz Larkin has a recipe for Festivus Fruit compote tho it might be too heavy to carry around.
Nancy January 14, 2015
Two dark chocolate ideas:
§ homemade choc bark with fruit and -or nuts (if in doubt, use host's favorites).
§ choc mousse made with avocado (taste disappears in the mousse). Needs refrigeration. Have recipe, but not to hand. Can later post it or link.
Nancy January 14, 2015
See for 2011 recipe chocolate avocado mousse with raspberries.
mstv January 13, 2015
Sorry, I should have stated that what I was recommending is an Italian Chocolate Almond Torte. (See link above).
BurntCream January 14, 2015
That looks delicious!
mstv January 13, 2015
This was recently recommended to me on chowhound when I asked for recipes that use unsweetened chocolate. was delicious. You can certainly make it the day before. I am not trying to avoid gluten or dairy but it does not have either one and I loved this. I would serve with whipped coconut cream (if forgoing dairy).
HalfPint January 13, 2015
Also, homemade marshmallows. Very light to carry around and there are tons of recipes online.
Meaghan F. January 13, 2015
Or meringues - same concept. Or meringue + poached fruit = pavlova (in my book, at least), so best of both worlds?
BurntCream January 14, 2015
I've been looking for an excuse to try making marshmallows! Maybe today is the day.
HalfPint January 13, 2015
Wine poached pears? Put into a plastic container (it's lighter than glass) with tight lid.
BurntCream January 13, 2015
Nice idea - good for this time of year too.
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