I made this cake and it was really outstanding,but It stuck to my bunt pan.What should I do next time?

  • Posted by: Joyce
  • April 22, 2019
Passover Lemon Sponge Cake
Recipe question for: Passover Lemon Sponge Cake


Smaug April 23, 2019
I wanted to try this on a small scale- unfortunately, I ended up with enough changes that it's not a totally fair test, but it came out of pretty average stickiness- I have to wonder if the ungreased pan is for religious rather than culinary reasons. For what it's worth I used (for a half recipe)
5 lg. eggs
zest of 1 lemon
4 tsp.. lemon juice
3/4c. sifted cornstarch
60g. powdered sugar
and baked it in a 7" springform (which was a bit small)
It came out about the lightest cake I've ever made, with a nice clean flavor, but stuck even to the (ungreased) waxpaper that I lined the bottom with. If I do it again, I'll grease and flour (or cornstarch) the pan.
Nancy April 23, 2019
Smaug, I can tell you there's no Passover prohibition on either butter or oil. Tgeway I learned it, the increased sides help the dough climb up the pan.
Try any spong cake recipe by Tori Avey, Joan Nathan or Noreen Gillette. Maybe Faye Levy (in Los angeles) too.
Nancy April 23, 2019
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Smaug April 23, 2019
Well, you got me- I thought it might somewhere find enough self adhesion to pull away from the pan, as a bread dough might, but no sign of it, and I don't think I changed the recipe THAT much. I'm pretty dubious about the idea of "climbing" pans-sticking and climbing don't really go together, but it does seem to have a lot of supporters. Anyway, anyone out there who's made this recipe and NOT had it stick?
Mayumi W. April 22, 2019
I have found that those baking spray that has flour added to it to be quite good for more intricately-designed pans, maybe try those?
Smaug April 23, 2019
The recipe specifically says not to grease the pan.
creamtea April 23, 2019
Flour is prohibited on Passover, (so, probably the OP would be better off with a tube pan than a Bundt!)
Smaug April 23, 2019
The author of the recipe mentioned this, which is why she uses potato starch (which Safeway doesn't seem to carry). She said that some people also use matzo crumbs, which if fine enough could be used to line the pan (if it was greased) I learned to make baguettes from a recipe that was VERY insistent on no oil and simply dusted the bowl with flour- it helped a little, and I guess dusting a dry pan with starch might also .
Smaug April 22, 2019
I really need to try this cake- the author does stress in the comments that she uses a tube pan, which is somewhat less likely to stick than a bundt pan (and easier to get really clean- a small amount of residue can cause sticking). Since an ungreased pan is unspecified there aren't a lot of options; you might try dusting the pan with potato starch; a little bit will stick and it could help some.
Nancy April 22, 2019
And you could line a tube pan with parchment paper which would also help in easy removal.
Last, I've had great success using Julia Child's orange sponge cake recipe (from Bertholle Beck & Child, Mastering I) for Passover...using matzo cake meal instead of flour...and her recipe calls for greasing the baking pan. If you like orange flavor, you could make that...or adapt it to lemon juice and zest.
Smaug April 22, 2019
Too many un's - "an ungreased pan is specified.."
Nancy April 22, 2019
Probably line only the bottom of pan with paper and leave the sides bare...some recipes need that bareness for the cake batter to grip and rise.
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