I find some of the directions slightly confusing and was wondering if someone could clarify for me

In direction number 5 it says to add the gelatin mix to the cheese mix and fold quickly. Then says when adding gelatin mix to the cheese mix set mix on medium speed and add it from the edge of the bowl being careful not to get on the whip or the side of the bowl. What does that all mean? Do you fold it in or add it while mixing? And do you add it before you add the whip? I just find the wording of it all confusing and contradicting but I want to make it very bad.

Roxanne stafford
Bavarian Cheesecake
Recipe question for: Bavarian Cheesecake


Lori T. April 27, 2019
I see why the directions are confusing. I've made similar cheesecakes in the past, and you would not want to literally fold in the gelatin the same as you might do with whipped egg whites. The part with slowing down the mixer is so it's easier to add in the gelatin without splattering it all over the bowl sides and building up on the beaters- which causes clumps and lumps. You know your mixer best, and exactly how "fast" the different speeds are. If yours is a bit quick on medium speed, then slow it down. Add in the gelatin in a thin steady stream slightly ahead of your beaters, and it's less likely to splatter or clump. You could use a balloon whisk and add in the gelatin while you whisk madly- if that's easier to coordinate.
Smaug April 27, 2019
You wouldn't want to go to any great lengths, but I think it's a good idea to mix it in some by hand with the mixer off- it would depend some on the mixer, but with some stand mixers (like Kitchenaid) adding ingredients while they're running can be pretty clumsy.
Smaug April 27, 2019
You're just trying to get it thoroughly mixed- I think the fold step is just to get it dispersed enough to avoid clumping on the cold beaters or bowl; I'd do that first, then finish mixing with the mixer. The handling of the gelatin is a bit unorthodox, but shouldn't cause problems.
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