Product search for mixing bowl tops

I saw on some site a mixing bowl set with a fitting top that had a built in grater and one with a small hole on top to allow an immersion blender to be used.
The site credited Food 52 and I have searched for it on your site and find nothing
Can u help?

Barbara Dodd


Emily K. February 18, 2022
Hi Barbara! We know just the bowl you're thinking of and sadly we no longer carry it — so sorry about that. If you're on the hunt for great mixing bowls, we suggest checking out our Rosti collection: Some of our favorites. Hope that helps!
Nancy February 18, 2022
I remember seeing them here too, but no longer.
Many brands out there.
Look at online merchants.
It sounds like a product more for home than restaurant use, but it cant hurt to also check out restaurant supply stores.
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