For a potato salad (using red potatoes) is it best to peel potatoes before or after boiling? or at all?

Sodium Girl


Helen's A. March 22, 2011
Hmmm, I don't usually time things... It will depend on how big the pieces of potato are... For a medium dice, I would check in 6 or 7 minutes, then watch closely. Keep testing them. I also toss some salt on them when I start steaming them. Let's see, what else? When they're done, remove the lid & take them off the steamer. Too cool quickly, you can spread them in a single layer on a cookie sheet or big lasagne pan. Have fun!
AntoniaJames March 22, 2011
Just for the record, the reason I boil and don't steam the potatoes is because the cooking water produced by simmering the spuds makes sensational bread. ;o)
Sodium G. March 22, 2011
Thank you everyone and HellonKitchen - that is brilliant! How long (on average) do you steam them - 15 min?
Helen's A. March 22, 2011
I never boil my potatoes when making salad. I always steam them and leave the skins on having cut them into the size I want. This gives you a firmer, less water logged end product.
Anitalectric March 22, 2011
I think the skin is the best part :)
SKK March 21, 2011
Love to vote - skins on!
fry I. March 21, 2011
Skins "on" otherwise who cares if there red
AntoniaJames March 21, 2011
When making potato salad using red potatoes (like the Chlodnik Inspired Potato Salad that I posted within the past few weeks), I leave the peels on and I cut the potatoes before simmering them. They cook more quickly and the pieces are of a more uniform texture. Handle them carefully once cooked and you won't have any trouble with the skins coming off. (At least I never have any problem.) ;o)
pierino March 21, 2011
Yep, leave em' on. But to remove them, or partially remove them after they've boiled you can just rub them between your hands.
judyb March 21, 2011
I leave the skins on too, they are thin and tender and add to almost any recipe. Too good to waste.
Sodium G. March 21, 2011
Thank you all! I like the idea of leaving the skins on too!
student E. March 21, 2011
i'm in the leave-the-skins-on camp. just scrub and boil, then cut them up!
Rhonda35 March 21, 2011
I usually leave the skins on, however, if you don't like the skins, you should peel before boiling.
boulangere March 21, 2011
No need to peel them because the skins are so thin.
CookOnTheFly March 21, 2011
I leave the skins on - adds color and fiber to the dish. Its all your preference. If you leave the skins on make sure you scrub the potatoes well.
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