Best potato to use for potato salad

Allison Christian Hanner


WileyP May 8, 2016
Allison, it depends on how you want your potato salad to turn out. Some folks like theirs to be soft at mushy, much like mashed potatoes with a few smaller chunks in it. Others prefer firm potato salad with a little "tooth" to the pieces. For soft potato salad, use russet or Yukon gold. For more solid pieces, use red potatoes. We like it both ways, and also will sometimes use both types of potatoes so there is a little of the mashy-type mixed in with the chunks. Here's a picture of the mashed style:
ChefJune May 7, 2016
I like a waxy potato for salads, but often use others.
pierino May 7, 2016
I like to use fingerlings or baby creamers about the size of chestnuts. But if you are going to slice the potatoes you might use some that have interesting colors like purple.
Smaug May 7, 2016
Kind of depends what you like. Lately I've been getting some small potatoes called "Butter Babies" which are reminiscent of Yellow Finns, the first yellow potatoes I saw and the sweetest. For firmness, Peruvian Purples- they mostly work well in combinations. There are a lot of "baby" potatoes out there now- it seems to be a major marketing push- most of them I've tried are pretty darned good.
dsullyo May 7, 2016
Hey Allison, your best bet is a waxy potato. Yukon Gold's will do in a pinch but I lean towards small red or fingerling's. Not a lot of chopping ; )
BerryBaby May 7, 2016
Yukon gold or Red Bliss are my favorites. I change it up depending on the recipe I'm using.
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