Need ideas for a red, white and blue theme

Want to avoid berry desserts. I did a potato salad last month or I'd do a potato salad with the 3 colors of potatoes.



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PHIL July 15, 2017
Since blue food is hard to come by and not very appealing maybe use royal blue platters and then you can put white & red food on them. Pasta & tomato salad or mozzarella tomato salad on blue platters for example Even the blue potatoes are really deep purple in color. Desserts & drinks are easier thanks to food coloring. Good Luck!
ktr July 14, 2017
How about steak (red meat), blue cheese and a creamy dressing.
BerryBaby July 14, 2017
A fruit salad bananas, raspberries and blueberries.
Or a platter of roasted eggplant slices, sliced fresh mozzarella and sliced tomatoes serve it with slices of a good, crusty bread.
MMH July 13, 2017
Red white and blue corn corn chips.
Nancy July 13, 2017
Make a trio of desserts (rice pudding, custard, ice cream) using cherries, vanilla and one of blue plums, blue grapes (especially concord) or blue Curacao.
Nancy July 13, 2017
Or tequila from the blue agave plant.
Nancy July 13, 2017
If no desserts, make savory noodle or bread puddings using tomato, cauliflower and blue carrot or blue cabbage.
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