not hung up in the cheddar and yes I plan to use a bologna sauce. Cheers



Stockout March 22, 2011
Lasagna means a layered dish of a starch and cheese with a sauce. Today the work lasagna has come around to the same thing as a Xerox or a Bufferin. It has been incorporated into the American language to mean a generic item. Not a bad thing but there are some who will fight you to the death about a TRUE lasagna and those that will make a Mexican one...or a Chinese one. You want cheddar, you like cheddar then cook with it. If you are asking for a traditional bolognese lasagna then that is a totally different subject. As long as you layer pasta, bolonese sauce and cheese of a creamy white (preferable Itialian) type, I am sure your "lasagna" will be as wonderful as the effort you have put into it. Serve it with pride and call it your own.
susan G. March 22, 2011
you didn't really mean bologna, did you? I think this is another spell check dictum -- just heard a piece about this on NPR this morning. At least it was another food!
Amanda H. March 22, 2011
Thanks for the follow up -- when you respond from Twitter, please click on the link to your question and answer on the site -- otherwise your response doesn't connect to your question, as you'll see here. Thanks!
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