To celebrate Pi Day I want to use some cheddar cheese pie crust that's in my freezer for a savory pie. Suggestions?



hardlikearmour March 14, 2011
How about traditional pasty filling? - beef, +/- pork, potatoes, and rutabagas, +/- carrots, salt, pepper.
nutcakes March 14, 2011
I like the idea of greens, like chard in that. But cabbage might be different andinteresting. D. Madison has a cabbage loaf in a bit of cream, I think, in her Vegetarian Cooking Book that would likely work as filling.
SKK March 14, 2011
Slice fennel and roast it, caramelize onions, saute garlic and a small serrano chile and include with the spinach yes please recommends.
yesplease March 14, 2011
I think a spinach quiche would be lovely!
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