Your best dip for crudites.

I am making a crudites platter for a party and would like to try a new, and perhaps unusual dip. Would love to know your favorites.



BerryBaby May 23, 2019
Hummus...easy to make and change it up to your taste.
C S. May 23, 2019
At Thanksgiving I made this peppadew dip:
It is delicious. My sister stuck a finger in it and said, "Hooooly moly, that is good." It is.

Has some similarity to muhammara but no nuts, roasted peppers and peppadews.
Gammy May 23, 2019
Not unusual, but gets raves every time I serve... Ina Garten's Green Herb Dip.
Nancy May 23, 2019
If we open up answers to old favorites, not necessarily new and different, I suggest
• artichoke spinach cream cheese dip;
• homemade onion dip (especially good with roasted or fried onions).
QueenSashy May 23, 2019
It's new to me -- so everything counts!
Nancy May 23, 2019
If you want non-dairy, there's an artichoke ticket dip I like; also tapenades.
Links for all 4 (these & previous 2) if you want.
Nancy May 23, 2019
Should read "artichoke rocket"
QueenSashy May 23, 2019
Yes, I think I would like non-dairy (already a lot of cheese on the table), so both artichoke rocket and tapenades you trust would be much appreciated.
Nancy May 23, 2019
Here you are
1) Rose Prince recipe
2) a little bit about her
3) tapenade from Globe and Mail Sept 1994 (link no longer works; I'll post as recipe on my page)
4) tapenade from M.F.K. Fisher in her 1969 book, With Bold Knife and Fork. linked here in a tribute article.
QueenSashy May 23, 2019
Thank you!
HalfPint May 22, 2019
I would make muhammara
Nancy May 22, 2019
QueenSashy May 23, 2019
Ha! I am actually doing muhamara in another dish (eggplant rolls with muhamara -- it's fantastic). You ladies think great thoughts :)
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