What recipe should I use for "hoagie rolls"?

I want to make "French dip" sandwiches, but don't know what bread to use.

I'm making French Dip sandwiches, but don't know what bread would be best. Please help! TIA for advice - LOVE this "F52" site! Sandi

  • Posted by: Sandi
  • October 8, 2014


Susan W. October 9, 2014
There are lots of recipes for Hoagie rolls online. Kitchenwhisperer.net has one that looks good and it received 5 stars from a ton of reviewers.
Sandi October 9, 2014
Thanks, Susan! My problem was not knowing if a "Hoagie" had a soft or hard crust. I'm going to look at the one you recommended, as I love bread making and can't resist reading every bread recipe I come across...
Susan W. October 9, 2014
Sandi, it's a soft roll, so probably better suited for a sandwich that isn't dipped. A baguette is probably a better idea.
Meaghan F. October 9, 2014
"Hoagie rolls" are generally only found in my neck of the woods, Philadelphia. They're typically known as "sub rolls" everywhere else, although I'm sure there are other regional names as well. In any case, if you're going totally DIY I'd make your French Dip on a baguette - there's a ton of recipes out there for them and it's a good thing to know how to make (you'll never be satisfied with commercial bread again though!).
Sandi October 9, 2014
Thanks for answering! I make nearly 100% of my breads, but didn't know if this sandwich should have a hard crust (ciabatta) or soft (Subway). I finally read something that said to be a "true French Dip, it needs to be on a baguette"...duh. So you're right! Thank you so much - I didn't want to end up dunking the sandwich & having the bread disintegrate. I haven't eaten one in so long, I couldn't remember what it was served on.
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