When should I add bacon to my slow cooker recipe if I'm cooking on high for 6 hours?

Making BBQ pulled pork with an apple based BBQ sauce. I wanted to cut up pieces of bacon to put in there with everything else. I assumed putting it in at the beginning would be too long to cook the bacon so I was aiming for about an hour before the pork is done cooking. I put the pork on high for 6 hours in the crock pot.

Arty Kelly


Smaug May 24, 2019
Not sure what you want from the bacon, but for flavoring the overall dish it should go in at the beginning- I really can't see overcooking as a worry in a pulled pork dish. If you want crispy bacon, you'd probably have to put it on when serving.
Smaug May 24, 2019
After cooking it separately, of course. If you want raw bacon, I don't want to know about it.
HalfPint May 24, 2019
Hi, could you provide a link or the recipe? It would help others answer your question.
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