Website Question: Well, this isn't really a food pickle, but can anyone tell me how to change the image I uploaded for a recipe? Thank you!



ALittleZaftig March 23, 2011
Thank you all!
Peter March 23, 2011
Oh, and one more detail. The order of the photos is determined by the thumbs up so the masses have a say as to what's the most appealing photo. Ain't democracy grand? ;-)
Peter March 23, 2011
In a perfect world, it would be easy to order the photos to your personal preference. But if it were a perfect world, I'd be writing this message from a beach in the South Pacific with Padma Lakshmi in the next lounge chair. (just kidding, honey!)

So, for now, the best way to order the images is by thumbs upping the photo you want to appear first or by uploading them in the order you prefer.
Panfusine March 23, 2011
First remove the old one by clicking on the remove tab before uploading the new ones.. I still havent figured out how to order the pix according to personal preference, like what I'd like shown along the recipe title, what goes in the details.. maybe Peter could help...
mrslarkin March 23, 2011
Do you want to delete your picture? If so, click on "add photo" under the picture of your recipe. From there, click on "library", click on "remove" and start over.
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