isn't this just semifreddo? or, why call this ice cream when it's not

Why not call it a semifreddo? There's nothing wrong with using the correct word for something. Also, as semifreddo doesn't melt like ice cream, it helps the meal planning.

No-Churn Scotch Ice Cream
Recipe question for: No-Churn Scotch Ice Cream


Stephanie G. July 15, 2019
I thought the eggs in semi freddo were not cooked.
Smaug July 15, 2019
I've seen both with whipped egg whites (uncooked) and with egg yolk mixtures whipped in a double boiler. Also with both.
Liz D. July 15, 2019
Whatever you call it, I want to try it :-)
Smaug July 15, 2019
This doesn't seem to really qualify as semifreddo, but not sure I'd call it ice cream either. Recipe writers have a strong tendency to assign familiar names to dishes, whether they really fit or not- presumably this is for marketing purposes. At this point, the dividing line between pizza and taco is hard to determine, chili seems to be anything red in a bowl, anything with lime is "key lime pie"...
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