I need a recommendation for a broiler-safe 9x13 baking pan!

I want to make the Dream Cake recipe from the latest issue, but it calls for a broiler-safe 9x13 pan and advises not to use Pyrex or Nonstick. But what SHOULD I use? Even the ceramic and cast-iron 9x13 pans I've looked into say they're only safe to 500, and broilers can get up to 550 or more.

  • Posted by: Josho
  • August 14, 2019


Customer-Care August 14, 2019
Hi there! We love these Staub Matte Ceramic Baking Dishes, which are both nice to look at and oven and broiler safe up to 572 degrees F (they come in 13 x 9", too): https://food52.com/shop/products/5003-staub-matte-ceramic-rectangular-baking-dish
Josho August 14, 2019
Thank you, Customer-Care! Great suggestion and I love the look of these. (A lot pricier than the metal ones I found at Dinner A's suggestion, but these are a lot more tableworthy!)
dinner A. August 14, 2019
Any metal pan that's just metal, no nonstick or other coating, should do. Not sure why the cast-iron pans you looked at stated 500 as the limit, but cast iron can certainly take any heat a home oven can put out. I use aluminum pans under the broiler all the time.
Josho August 14, 2019
Thank you so much, dinner A. Super fast response! I hadn't looked into non-nonstick metal pans, but that sounds like a perfect idea. (BTW, the cast iron 9x13 pans I looked at are enameled, and I'm guessing it's the enamel that can't take the broiler temperature, not the cast iron itself.)
dinner A. August 14, 2019
You're welcome! I have a few uncoated, heavy-duty aluminum rectangular pans that I probably got from my grandma (best source of cookware ever) and some round ones that I bought maybe 5 years ago from Williams Sonoma. I think they are Chicago Metallic brand, but Williams Sonoma seems to sell their own line of similar pans now. There are other makers of similar pans too. Fantes is a good web store for such things and there's always Amaz**
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