Should I preheat cast iron loaf pan for baking?

I just bought a Lodge cast iron loaf pan. Do I need to preheat the pan when baking? When I make skillet cornbread I preheat the cast iron skillet. I'm not sure if I'll need to adjust cooking times if I do or don't preheat the loaf pan. Thanks for any help!



Nancy September 16, 2022
Congrats on your new loaf pan!
I do both when baking bread in cast iron - do and don't preheat pan. (My choice depends on whether I do the final raising in the pan, and whether I have time to do the preheating.)
There are good results of preheating the pan - a final spring/rise in the bread (from the immediate heat) and a very good crust.
On timing - basically the same with or without preheating. Maybe a couple minutes less. If you're concerned with overbaking, check sooner than usual, especially the first time you bake a recipe in the cast iron loaf pan.
Last, here's an article from Lodge with tips about baking bread in cast iron, including lots in favor of preheating.
deblenares September 17, 2022
Thank you, Nancy! Lemon zucchini bread on the docket for today!
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