Tarnished silver plated flatware

Any suggestions on how to easily remove the tarnish from the vintage silver plated flatware? I see all the baking soda and aluminum foil stuff online, looking for something easier.

Jen Palminteri


Customer-Care August 26, 2019
Hi Jen! Have you tried Wright's Silver Cream? You can likely find it at your local grocery store, and we've found it works quite well.

Alternately, you might try this: Line a glass baking pan with foil, pour in hot water from your tea kettle and a handful of salt, and then place the flatware in the salt water bath. You should see any tarnish lift right off! Dry with a flour sack towel once complete. I think you'll find it's very easy, and it's especially helpful if you're cleaning a larger quantity of flatware.

If you're still having trouble, or have any questions on the above, we'd be happy to help—just write us at [email protected].
HalfPint August 23, 2019
Try ketchup: apply ketchup and rub off tarnish. I saw it on PBS. Seems to work.
C S. August 23, 2019
Have you tried using silver polish and rubbing them with that followed by washing in hot water?
I don't know that it is easier but it is tried and true.
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