Can I substitute baking soda for baking powder in a recipe?

So I’m looking at a recipe that calls for both baking soda and baking powder. I am currently out of baking soda and I read that I can substitute with baking powder, but since the recipe already has baking powder in it; my question then is: can I substitute baking soda for baking powder even though the recipe already calls for baking powder as an ingredient?

Melly Gates


Smaug May 22, 2019
Not my favorite sub, but you can substitute at a rate of 3 powder/ 1 soda. The baking soda in the recipe is presumably offset by acid in the recipe, and this substitution will change the balance a bit, but usually not seriously.
Melly G. May 23, 2019
Okay thank you! Just wondering because it sucked that I was baking cookies and realized I didn’t have baking soda 😤
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