Quinoa and chicken thighs in slow cooker?

Would like to make this for dinner with frozen mixed veggies too. Not sure how long or high/low heat. Have never used a slow cooker.

  • Posted by: Sofiemt
  • August 28, 2019
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1 Comment

Lori T. August 28, 2019
I've never tried that particular combo, but I have used a slow cooker for quinoa, as well as for chicken and veggies. Quinoa takes about 5-6 hours on low, and though I've never done it on the high setting, I'd figure it would take about half as long. You would want to add the amount of liquid sufficient to the amount of quinoa you wish to prepare. Put that in first, and then mix in your veggies, and top it off with the chicken. The best cut for this sort of cooking is the thigh, IMO, because they are very forgiving if the time goes a bit longer, and have a lot of flavor to bring to the show. Breast meat will likely dry out and overcook. There are loads of recipes on the internet for using with a slow cooker, and you should probably check them out- especially to see if there is a site featuring your brand of slow cooker.
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