Does anyone know what kind of squash this is, and any good recipes for it?

My dad picked it from his garden but wasn't sure what kind of squash it is. It is approximately 8" long. Thanks!

  • Posted by: Princey
  • September 16, 2019
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Happygoin September 17, 2019
I think the bumps on the outside are the giveaway. I believe it’s an ornamental gourd. Not good for eating unless it’s all you have, you’re starving, and the grocery store is 200 miles away.
Gammy September 17, 2019
Yes, most likely a gourd, but very pretty. It is probably edible to a degree, as in if you were on a deserted island and one washed up on the shore, but bitter, stringy with dry meat. Best to put it into a nice table arrangement. Gourds, pumpkins and squashes all belong to the same family and can inter-pollinate. Here are some other fancy gourds:
Nancy September 17, 2019
It also resembles delicata, which is a winter squash which has delicate creamy flesh and doesn't need to be peeled. Roast, saute, use in soup.
Les N. September 17, 2019
I was curious if Google could identify it using its image match algorithm. I think (I mean Google thinks) it's an ornamental gourd. If you Google "gourd yellow with orange stripes" and look at the images, you'll see many similar to this. For the next part of your question Google "are ornamental gourds edible". The answer seems to be no. It can be a table decoration for your autumn table!
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