With this as the main for a festive winter holiday meal, what sides would you serve?

Bonus points for dishes that can be prepared well in advance. Plus, I plan to follow it with a sparkling green salad (recipe for that is in hand).
Many thanks, dear friends.
P.S. Dessert ideas also welcome!

Mrs Beryl Patmore
Mustard-Crusted Pepper Steak
Recipe question for: Mustard-Crusted Pepper Steak


boulangere September 18, 2019
I wrote both of these a while ago, but I resurrect them every fall and winter. Not exactly to applause, but to happiness, and that's good enough for me.


Nancy September 19, 2019
They sound lovely. I was planning (and may still make) a mixed root vegetable kugel instead of standby-old favorite potato kugel for fall Jewish holidays. The French press root vegetables will give it a run.
boulangere September 19, 2019
Nancy, I've lately been having kugel thoughts myself!
Nancy October 2, 2019
boulangere - for you and others who might like to ring a new note on potato kugel this fall, here's what I've been cooking.
Kristen W. September 18, 2019
Oops, forgot the link!https://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/vichy-carrot-puree
Kristen W. September 18, 2019
I love this carrot purée as a side for steak or pork - and it’s sweetness balances out any bitter veg that you might also include as a side - garlicky greens, brussel sprouts, etc. It’s very nice with green beans too, though they aren’t especially bitter. Definitely use the best, freshest carrots you can find for max yumminess!
HalfPint September 17, 2019
Pear and blue cheese salad with candied pecans :)
Gammy September 17, 2019
Steak and potatoes is a natural combination and you would have something to soak up that wonderful sauce. Baked potatoes are classic, but consider mashed or oven roasted new potatoes with rosemary and olive oil... could add a dollop of whole grain mustard to the olive oil, too.
Nancy September 17, 2019
Mrs Patmore -
I was thinking of a strong or slightly bitter green, like arugula, but you have greens covered with your salad.
Maybe include some (slight or greater) echo of the mustard somewhere.
Ideas could include: sushi as a starter (with wasabi); sauteed Brussels sprouts; roasted turnips; cooked & mashed rutabaga.
Emma L. September 17, 2019
Hello! I love garlic bread with steak. In this recipe from my column, you could make the garlic butter in advance, keep it in the fridge, and bring it up to room temp before spreading on the bread and baking.
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