Can I also use a glass square pAn? And regular AP white flour?

Currently, don’t have a springform pan nor wheat flour. I need alternatives!

So white AP flour also works?
If I can use a glass pan, should I butter the sides also?

Very Easy Apple Cake
Recipe question for: Very Easy Apple Cake


Emma L. September 27, 2019
Hi! You can certainly swap in all-purpose flour. The pan question is a bit trickier: The surface area of an 8-inch round pan (what the recipe calls for) is 50 square inches. What size is your square pan? The closest you could get would be a 7x7-inch (49 square inches), but if you have an 8x8 (64 square inches) or 9x9 (81 square inches), the cake is going to turn out significantly thinner. A glass pan also conducts heat differently than metal (more on that here:, so the baking time would be altered, even if the surface area was a perfect match. All of which to could swap the pans, but it's hard to say how the cake will turn out. I still wouldn't butter the sides (this would prevent the cake from rising properly) and I would peek at the cake often to check on its progress. You also might not be able to unmold it as neatly as you can with the springform, but I find if you top anything with whipped cream, people don't care about the shape. If you give it a go, please let me know how it turns out!
MillennialTraveller September 27, 2019

The glass pan size is 21x21x5cm square and also have a loaf pan 9x5x3.

Also, is it okay to substitute dark brown sugar for the light? I seem to have the exact opposite ingredients.
MillennialTraveller September 27, 2019
And, will metal bottom spring form pans work as well? What is the size in the recipe? Thanks!
MillennialTraveller October 4, 2019
Managed to find a spring form pan without glass bottom. I'm unsure what the size was nor how the batter should look like... It seems that there is less batter in comparison to the apples? A very chunky batter that barely meets the edges of the pan? I used two large apples instead of 3 regular and had about under 3 cups which seems plenty for the 1 cup of flour used. I'm questioning the size of the pan and the texture of the batter. ... In oven now!
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