If I use home made pumpkin purée, what weight of pumpkin (roasted) would be equivalent?

I bake pumpkin halves cut side down with seeds removed and scoop out cooked flesh when cooled, using sugar type pumpkin.

rose mccroskey
Pumpkin Bread
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Emma L. October 8, 2019
Hi Rose! I haven't tried this recipe with from-scratch pumpkin puree (yum!), but I imagine if you use the same weight called for in the recipe, you'll end up with a great-tasting loaf. If you give it a try, please let us know how it turns out.
rose M. October 9, 2019
I made this yesterday afternoon with my roasted pumpkin, it was a small pumpkin and I had only about 13 ounces by weight but it turned out great...tastes better today after the spices had a chance to mellow. Texture is really nice, not overly moist and not greasy as some vegetable quick breads are. For this recipe I used my immersion blender to combine all the liquid ingredients including the pumpkin- no need to purée it separately!
boulangere October 7, 2019
You've just described how I spent my afternoon. Once I've roasted the pumpkin slabs, I scrape out the pulp into a large bowl and puree it with an immersion blender. I believe you can use your own pumpkin in the same measure as canned.
Nancy October 8, 2019
Also, apparently, from a 2018 article, canned "pumpkin puree" has a variety of squashes in it. Reportedly, they taste better and sweeter than pumpkin off the vine.
Make a dish with both, compare, and decide what you want to do regularly. I've done that and liked the cooking results better from canned.
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