Pumpkin Seeds-How do you season them?

So, we carved several pumpkins this year and I am going to be making roasted pumpkin seeds. I was a variety of flavours and am wondering how I would make the seasoning stick the best.

I would imagine that oil or butter would make a greasy mess while eating and if I didn't use anything the seasoning would just fall off.

Then while driving home from work yesterday I was thinking that perhaps I should create a watered down egg wash and then season them. Sort of shake and bake style. Then the seasonings would stick right?

Am I being crazy? How do you season your seeds?



Summer O. October 27, 2011
I use a little vegetable oil. I also add Old Bay or smoked paprika. I don't see what garam masala wouldn't work.
aargersi October 27, 2011
I spray mine with no-stick spray and then toss them with Cajun seasoning. The roast them at 325 until they're toasty - tossing periodically. This would work with any spice blend. I would think a soak in a wet blend like tamari and ginger would work too!! Kind of like how AntoniaJames does her crispy spiced nuts.
gigiaxline October 27, 2011
I wonder if it would work if you just spray/mist them with water before sprinkling with spices? Then the spices would stick and the minimal amount of water would evaporate in the oven?
Author Comment
For toasted & seasoned pumpkin seeds, simply toss each cup of seeds with 1-2 teaspoons of canola oil. Roast the seeds for 15 minutes at 375, stirring the seeds every 5 minutes or so. Once the seeds become crisp and aromatic, remove them from the oven and place them into a serving bowl. Sprinkle 1-2 tablespoons of seasoning over the tops of the seeds and toss. You're ready to go.

I have used everything from cajun seasoning to tandori spices for seasoning pepitas. You can even spike your oil with tamari for a nice soy/salty flavor.
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