Any knife experts out there? Anyone have thoughts on cutco knives? Pros? Cons?

I want a good quality chef knife and some other essential knives. Cutco knives are not professional knives but some people swear by them- why? I have a set from the 80's my mother gave me. I could swear they do not hold a blade very long (as long as other knives I've used)


  • Posted by: Pilar
  • October 9, 2019


Hari G. July 6, 2020
Somehow this site has a lot of honest Cutco knife reviews. I don't trust any reviews of any multi-level marketed product since the marketing arm carefully "manages" the reviews. I have tried Cutco knifes. They are good but you are paying probably 5 times the price of an equivalent retail product.
Mrs B. October 10, 2019
I was talked into buying some Cutco knives by a high school senior in our neighbourhood. I cannot tell you how the blades function because frankly, I never used the knives. In fact, I donated them within a few months. That unique grip on the handles drove me batty.
Customer-Care October 10, 2019
Hi there! I'm not super familiar with Cutco knives, but it could be because they're an older model. If you're looking for a new set (or even just a chef's knife), we'll be releasing Five Two knives this holiday season. Our Shop team also loves the Opinel Intempora Knife Collection—high quality at an approachable price point. And you can't go wrong with our Zwilling J.A. Henckels Pro Knife, either! 
BakerBren October 10, 2019
While I don't consider myself a knife expert, I have adequate knife skills, have used them professionally, and have made a few knives myself. Knives like Cutcos with sharply beveled edges can be miserable to use for repetitive cutting tasks or any kind of accurate kitchen work. An exception: certain Japanese knives have such bevels for a reason, but you're not going to need that for cutting cheese. I find it frustrating to even cut slices off a block of cheese with Cutco style knives because the bevel causes them to wander. If you want good knives at a value, Victorinox/Forschner Fibrox knives are excellent. There are higher priced knives with slightly better edges and balance, and I recommend reviewing the Serious Eats knife buying guide article for ideas.
bettye198 October 9, 2019
I have an old set of Cutco. I am always needing to sharpen them. The serrated edge bread knife works well but the other knives are big and cumbersome. Hopefully, they have made improvements.
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