Schmidt bros knives?

Does anyone know anything about Schmidt Bros. knives? My sister doesn't cook a ton so I don't want to spend a ton and found a good deal on this set of paring and chef's knives.

  • Posted by: Diana
  • June 5, 2015


scruz June 6, 2015
if i were buying knives for myself of someone else, i would not get a set and select the few that are really used in the kitchen. a chef's knife, a santoku, a paring, fillet, boning and large serrated knife. you can find really nice and reasonably priced knives (individual) on the internet by looking at the recommendations. i bought several knives years ago at ikea and many on amazon (victornox) but really looked at the reviews. i also got myself an oil stone and learned to use it on youtube.
Brady K. June 8, 2015
I agree with this. Even people who cook all the time only need a chef's knife and a paring knife (and I recommend a bread knife). If your sister doesn't cook very often, she'd definitely be better off with two or three really nice knives than a set of mediocre ones.
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