Does anyone have a source for Kabuli naan (the kind filled with dates and nuts)? Google turned up abysmal results.



pauljoseph March 26, 2011
Nan recipe is here but to make a Kabuli naan you can try by adding few fillings any way I will try to make and let you know by few days
boulangere March 26, 2011
Love your Google confession, Panfusine!
Panfusine March 26, 2011
I did get this by googling, but the ingredients seem to be in order..
This is a link to Sanjeev kapoors site for Peshawari naan.. (Peshawar in Pakistan is practically on the Afghan border, so they have very similar cuisines.. (NOT SURE WHY HE CALLS FOR THE EGG THOUGH..)
hardlikearmour March 26, 2011
It's still the middle of the night in India, but if anyone has a recipe for Kabuli naan it'll be pauljoseph.
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