Make as stew instead of cakes?

I have made this recipe before and enjoyed it, but I’m looking for an idea for an Indian style lentil dish that would be more like a stew and not the pancakes. How do you think it would be to just cook the lentils with seasoning and then mix in the sauce and eat with rice?

Anna Biton
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Lentil Cakes Tikka Masala
Recipe question for: Lentil Cakes Tikka Masala

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Jacob P. November 26, 2019
Hi Anna -- Sorry about the delay on this answer!

The first thing I thought when reading your question was 'Daal!'. Daal is an amazing stewed lentil dish that is eaten all over india, and has many of the terrific spices that this dish also has. Our community has over 20 daal recipes to try -- including this one:, which is test-kitchen approved!
It also has coconut milk in it, which will give you a similar rich flavor and mouthfeel that the cream-based tikka masala sauce would. Be sure to get red lentils for this dish, they cook down much more quickly than the puy lentils called for in the recipe you initially asked about.

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