ISO Menu ideas - third birthday with a triangle ("3" theme

I am building a menu for a third birthday party (approx 25 people / buffet dinner / November timeframe). I am looking for foods that are either (1) shaped like a triangle (when folded/cut) or (2) have some sort of "three" element to them such as three layers or three types of chocolate. I was thinking of a crepe assortment (they fold up so beautifully), but ideally, I'd want dishes that can be prepared in advance. Thanks in advance for your help!!

  • Posted by: Sonia
  • November 5, 2019


AntoniaJames November 7, 2019
Dukkah-dusted lavash crackers - I make them using the large rectangles of lavash sold at Trader Joe's - so easy! So tasty! You'll be making them on a regular basis.
Sonia November 7, 2019
This is such a great idea! Easy and good!! And perfect triangles. Thank you so much!
HalfPint November 6, 2019
Some ideas:

Tricolore pasta salad
Tres leche cake
Taiwanese 3 Cup Chicken
Hamantaschen cookies
Sonia November 6, 2019
LOVE IT! Thank you! I have to look up 3 Cup Chicken. That's new to me!
Gammy November 6, 2019
Spanakopita: Little triangles of spinach and feta wrapped in phyllo dough.
Sonia November 6, 2019
Thank you so much!! That is a crowd pleaser!
Nancy November 6, 2019
Samosas with dip/sauce, served as appetizer, part of main, or dessert. Deep-fried variously with potatoes, lentils, chicken, beef.
Filled pasta cut in triangle shapes. Use existing recipes for ravioli, pirogi and/or kreplach, just cut them in triangles (not round or folded little pouches). Poach and serve as part of a soup course, sauced for main or dessert.
Spumoni - chocolate, pistachio and cherry ice cream dessert. See especially Serious Eats & New York Times.
Nancy November 6, 2019
PS If the honored guest likes pizza or a particular cake, make one of those in a rectangular pan and cut in triangles to serve. Similarly with cookies, you use triangle cutters (straight-edged or fluted) to shape them.
Sonia November 6, 2019
Thank you so much for all the ideas and the links!
Nancy November 6, 2019
Sonia - hope you have a lovely party!
Here's the NYT spumoni cake recipe (accidentally omitted above)
Sonia November 6, 2019
Thank you so much!!
Kristen W. November 6, 2019
What about this eggplant tricolore by Ottolenghi? I’ve made it before and it’s delicious:
Sonia November 6, 2019
Thank you so much for the idea and the recipe endorsement!!
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