Your favorite Caribbean cookbook? Range of recipes needed, from main meats to dessert.

Looking for a good Caribbean cookbook to make a range of recipes from for a potluck dinner!

  • Posted by: cronk
  • November 6, 2019
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1 Comment

Nancy November 8, 2019
Cronk - There are two authors I could recommend
1) Ainsley Harriott - British chef born to Jamaican parents - Ainsley's Caribbean Kitchen came out August 2019
2) Allen Susser, a top chef in Miami, whose previous cookbooks on citrus and mangos were terrific. Green Fig and Lionfish: Sustainable Caribbean Cooking publishes early December 2019.
Other ideas besides books:
a) Focus on a particular country or cuisine - Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti, British, African-influenced, French, Dutch.
b) Look at tourist websites for the islands...I've found this a useful trick for European destinations when I'm looking for local versions (not American translations) of recipes.
c) Ask the people who are organizing the dinner for recommendations.
Sounds ambitious - hope the dinner is a success!
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