Am I correct in reading that this pie crust, unlike butter crusts, does not need to be chilled between steps?

You can just mix the dough, roll, and blind bake/regular bake?

Stephanie B.
Perfect Vegan Pie Crust
Recipe question for: Perfect Vegan Pie Crust


Aja A. November 24, 2019
Hi Stephanie, In step 3, it's recommended to refrigerator the after you've made it and before you add the filling. Curious tho, did you make this recipe yet? You are right that most pie crusts do require chilling in between steps. If you do not have time I have found that you can also chill the tools you are using to help keep everything cold. Cold tools will ensure the pastry dough doesn't get too soft.
Stephanie B. November 26, 2019
I did make this, and I'm glad I tested it out before Thanksgiving - I thought it was bad! I think there's a typo in the recipe. Compared to a double crust using a couple all-butter recipes I've tried, this one has half the fat. Something like 4&20 Black Birds crust has 2 1/2c flour to 1c (2 sticks) of butter. This one has 2 1/4c flour to 1/2c of coconut oil. I know coconut oil is a bit more saturated fat and less water, but this seems off to me. My crust turned out like a brittle cracker, not a flaky pie crust.
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