Pairing party 🍷 🥘 food and drink ideas please!

Would love ideas for best combination of food and drink for a party - enough bitesizes of seomthing to feed 40 people 🙋🏻‍♀️



PHIL November 22, 2019
I have done this numerous times. Meat & cheese board is always a hit . make sure to include jams, mustard etc... I also like to do cured salmon on crackers topped with dill , red onion and mascarpone. For hot apps, you can get the frozen mini hot dogs, buy or make mini meatballs and add some tomato sauce.
Besides wine I like to make a punch. For example , maybe a sangria or a vodka based cocktail. So many ways to go here. Good Luck!

Gammy November 20, 2019
Wow, I hope you are not tackling this party alone! Research recipes for appetizers that can be made in advance and stored or frozen... I have one for hot spinach balls that are sitting in my freezer right now waiting until day-of to be baked. Have a mix of hot and cold treats and try to have several tables placed around the party area if possible rather than just one large table. Include a double batch of a dip or two, do you have a fondue pot that might hold a hot dip? Cheese and cured meat platters are always popular, but can be pricy. Are you willing to take guests up on an offer to bring something? Can you enlist the help of your own kids or a neighboring teen or two to help keep the food tables clean and refreshed and to patrol the area for empty plates and glasses? We have done this and it is well worth paying for.
Nancy November 20, 2019
Various restaurants and caterers suggest 6-8 hirs d'oeuvres per person per hour.
Given various diets, have some each meat and/or fish, cheese, vegan. And maybe label the trays for everybody's ease of choice.
On the drinks, estimate 2-3 per person per hour (Buy more than you think you need. Use leftovers for home. Or some stores will give credit for unopened bottles.)
If wine, one guideline for shopping - Americans now buy about 50% red, 45% white, 5% rose.
If spirits and sky's the limit on budget, have a big variety. If limited, have pitchers of one or two house cocktails.
Be sure to include fizzy water and fruit juice for those who don't drink.
There are guides on the web with more detail.
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