cooking 20# turkey at home done at 9 am. bringing it 2 parents for dinner @3 do I refrigerate it when I get there @ noon Want it moist but safe :)

Whats the best way to keep it moist when reheating

  • Posted by: gigi364
  • November 25, 2019


MMH November 25, 2019
I dont really love gravy so I get the same result by pouring stock in the bottom of the container. It keeps the turkey moist during storage and reheating.
Nancy November 25, 2019
Kristen M - The two hour rule still rules (bad, bad pun, I know).
I've read elsewhere (though it's not explicit in the article you linked) that this Ina Garten method is ALSO NOT left out more than two hours at room temperature.
If made same day, carved and covered with gravy before guests come, but still for less than two hours room temperature. Warmed as needed.
If made day before or longer than two hours before serving, carved, covered in gravy, refrigerated, warmed just before serving.
Kristen M. November 25, 2019
Yes, I didn't mean to imply that Ina's way is a way to leave food out longer than 2 hours— just a way to reheat and keep the meat moist. Thank you for clarifying her way further!
Kristen M. November 25, 2019
I'm so impressed you volunteered to make and transport the turkey! Technically, it shouldn't sit out for more than two hours once it's out of the oven, but Ina Garten likes to make the turkey ahead, carve it, then reheat it in the oven with gravy all over it to make sure it stays moist. Here's more on that:
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