I’m prepping, peeling and cutting, sweet potatoes to roast tomorrow. Should I cover them in water as I would a white potato?

  • Posted by: Cindyb
  • November 27, 2019


boulangere November 27, 2019
Storing white potatoes in water under refrigeration, which restaurants do by the bucketful, saves from the oxidation effect of turning brown-ish purple. Sweet potatoes will suffer the same fate if not stored in water in a cold temperature. If you drain them well through a colander and turn them out onto kitchen towels before roasting, you'll be just fine. After all, you're going to roast them, right? At a relatively high temperature, right? Have no fear. Happy Thanksgiving.
Cindyb November 27, 2019
Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving!
Joanna S. November 27, 2019
Hi CindyB, I would store them in water and refrigerate them to prevent them from drying out overnight. Just be sure to dry them really well before you roast them tomorrow.
Cindyb November 27, 2019
Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving!
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