Can I swap canned for baked potatoes? I'd like to swap the syrup for cane syrup too--can you provide the liquid measurement?

Sweet Potato Rum Cookies
Recipe question for: Sweet Potato Rum Cookies


Brinda A. December 7, 2019
Hi CosmicCook, I think sweet potatoes that have been cooked/baked until very tender and soft would work fine here. You’d just want to match the volumetric/weight measurements of the canned potatoes the recipe calls for. As for the syrup, the recipe calls for 1/2 cup (118ml), so you could try a similar amount of cane syrup. Hope this helps!
cosmiccook December 7, 2019
Thank you, Brinda! Since we get local sweet potatoes (and I have a LOT) right now, I'm on this TODAY. My cane syrup came from an artisan maker--we drove 2 hours to get it--and is incredible! Now I'm thinking of infusing the syrup w some sweet potato for even more flavor.
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