My cookies were delicious but were a bit flat.

I just tried these out this weekend and they were delicious. however they were missing the thickness that i enjoyed when i first tried them at the food52 cookie chronicles event. any thoughts on why they might come out flatter? also, should the oven be switched to 320 before the cookies go in or after?

  • Posted by: Deepika
  • December 9, 2019
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1 Comment

Kristen M. December 9, 2019
Hi Deepika, to get thicker cookies, you can try beating a little longer till the nuts break down more and the batter thickens more. And if you want them to turn out as consistently as possible, be sure to use the gram measurements with the recipe. But, as I mentioned in the demo, they do vary a little each time, depending on the weather, the eggs, slight variations in beating, etc., but they're always good!
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