Has anyone tried scanpan? I saw it at sur la table, and was intrigued. I'm looking for a non-stick pan that won't kill us.

amazon had some seriously bad reviews from people who had used it for a couple of years, and i'm wondering if these expensive pans are worth it. or perhaps someone can suggest a non-stick pan i can use to make sunny side up eggs and crepes.

  • Posted by: Tashie
  • March 29, 2011


ALittleZaftig March 30, 2011
I was surprised to read boulangere's comment. I have three Scanpans and am completely in love with them; they have worn like iron though hundreds of uses. I bought them to replace teflon for reasons similar.
Tashie March 30, 2011
Thanks greenstuff. i also found the recommendation not to use any soap on cast iron and other such pans a bit weird to me. i totally understand it, but feel funny about cooking fish on my pan and then cooking pancakes on it the next day without washing the pan in soap. kwim? maybe i'm weird. so if i just buy a dedicated cast iron pan or debuyer pan for the eggs/crepes, then i won't feel weird about not using soap. am i the only person who feels this way?
Eliana60 March 29, 2011
I've got a 12" Scanpan and an 8" T-Fal. I like them both. But if you are looking for the best option for making a batch of pancakes then I'm not sure that the investment in a Scanpan is worth it for the large size you would need to cook enough pancakes at once. Have you considered an electric griddle? It is large, cheap and you can maintain a steady temperature which I''ve found is sometimes a problem when making a large batch of pancakes in a small pan.
Greenstuff March 29, 2011
Tashie, the DeBuyer crepe pan and the Lodge cast iron griddle are different from each other. Since you're willing to spend a little money, I'd suggest you get both and see what you like, if either of them. Since you're used to the non-sticks, they'll both be an adjustment, and only you will know if it's one you embrace. But they aren't either of them such big investments that you'll regret it. I'll re-iterate that I don't much love the non-sticks (and I had a bunch from 1960 onwards, including early T-Fal, which seemed really cool when it came out), but I know that there are plenty of others who would disagree and don't want to ram my viewpoint down your throat.
Tashie March 29, 2011
Hmm, just watched the clip on america's test kitchen and they recommend the Tfal professional line frying pan for $30. They were looking at inexpensive non-stick skillets. I am willing to spend more, and not thrilled about the tfal recommendation. Right now, i'm deciding between the DeBuyer crepe pan and the lodge cast iron 10 in griddle. maybe if i just dedicate one cast iron pan to pancakes/omelettes only, then i will have better luck.
ellenl March 29, 2011
See America's Test Kitchen for a review/recommendation of nonstick, not so expensive skillet.
drbabs March 29, 2011
I just bought an eco-life pan from, I think TJ MAXX. (relatively inexpensive) It supposedly doesn't contain harmful chemicals and can be used on high heat. I've only used it a couple of times and so far I like it. I still don't use really high heat. It cleans up beautifully. I haven't had luck with eggs on my stainless steel pans so I do like a non-stick pan for some things. I tried to get more information for y'all but this is all I could find:

Tashie March 29, 2011
oooh thanks for the new options, am checking them out right now. i love food52!!!
Greenstuff March 29, 2011
Mnosyne, the stainless steel pan that I use for eggs is also a Demeyere pan, and I love it! It's great for everything from slow-cooked scrambled eggs to seared steaks. It was expensive, but I've never regretted the purchase.
Greenstuff March 29, 2011
I've never been big on non-stick pans and haven't had any for years. I cook eggs almost every morning, usually in a heavy stainless steel pan, and I don't have problems with sticking. I do use more butter or oil than you might be comfortable with using. My other options also use a little butter or oil, but less. For French-type crepes, I use an inexpensive DeBuyer carbon steel pan. Their pans are easy to season, and sticking is no problem. I only use mine for crepes, but I don't see that there'd be a problem in using them for fried eggs as well. You could buy several for the price of a scanpan (or my nice stainless steel one). I also have some cast iron Swedish pancake pans, one of which is older than I am. And again, no problems with sticking. Good luck. Let us know what you end up with.
Mnosyne March 29, 2011
I've used a DeMeyere crepe pan for years. It's non-stick and does eggs perfectly. You can make as much as 6 scrambled eggs at one time.
Tashie March 29, 2011
i'm not thrilled about the cast iron option. i tried making pancakes in a cast iron pan and it required way too much oil/butter. i really want a true non-stick for the egg/pancake stuff...i had read on amazon too that there was a store that had stopped carrying the line because there were too many issues.
boulangere March 29, 2011
I used to work in a cookware store that sold them. At that time, at least they came with a lifetime warranty, replaced if necessary with no questions asked, they were supposed to be that good. After the store replaced dozens, they stopped carrying the line. Enough said? Cast iron, even a good heavy-bottomed stainless steel pan heated slowly and lubricated with some lovely butter.
lalahartma March 29, 2011
How about cast iron? Nicely non-stick.
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