can i make crepes in advance and then reheat them?

i've never made crepes. i just got a crepe pan and will make them soon. i will make savory crepes as well as sweet, but let's use crepe suzette as an example since i intend to make them. can i make it and then reheat it in the microwave later? if no one has done it, i will try it and report my findings. Tx

  • Posted by: alan
  • April 1, 2022


louisez April 4, 2022
I've made buckwheat crepes and frozen them successfully for years. No idea about crepes suzette, though.
Nancy April 1, 2022
Alan - yes I've done it and it works, but I like the taste of crepes freshly made better...something like the taste of fresh bread.
Here's an article about storing (fridge, freezer) and reheating (mw, oven) crepes.
Nancy April 1, 2022
Oops. Here's the link.
alan April 1, 2022
i'll take a look when i can. i watched a video (french cooking academy) and he reheated frozen savory crepes in a pan w butter. i'm thinking that in the case of savory i'd keep them in the fridge for the flavors to marry or maybe i'd make the filling 2 days before making the crepes and then filling them. i've heard that it's very common for the french to buy frozen savory crepes in the supermarket and then heating them up. the sweet crepe i think probably has to b eaten immediately for maximum taste. it's probably still good heated up which would allow me to deliver them to b reheated ideally probably in a pan w a bit of butter.
Nancy April 1, 2022
Yes to the above. Good taste, convenience from the freezer and the sauce helps.
alan April 1, 2022
but a crepe suzette not eaten immediately but allowed to cool will taste inferior even if heated in a pan?
Nancy April 3, 2022
Yes, reheated crepe with suzette sauce/topping will be soggy and taste inferior.
If you want to prepare crepes suzette in advance for clients, I would package the crepes frozen plain and the sauce refrigerated in a small container (box, bag) for later heating and pouring over the crepes.
Nancy April 4, 2022
Ah, want to eat them later?
To be honest, if I had leftover Crepes Suzette at home I would not throw them out, and yes eat them as reheated leftovers,
But would I serve them to guests, or recommend them, or sell them to clients?
Alas, no.
For various savoury crepes (filled or stacked), leftovers and reheating are less of a problem because the filling and crepe have already begun to intermingle or affect each other.
But for the sweet dessert crepes, especially with the fancy flambe presentation, fresh or freshly sauced is best.
More info on freezing and reheating them.
alan April 5, 2022
yes, this was my thought, too. Tx
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