Using rum in icing - see comments

I recently received a family raisin cookie recipe and the icing calls for lemon juice to taste and a few tablespoons of milk (in addition to melted butter and confectioners sugar). I would like to flavor the icing with rum. Should I reduce either the milk or lemon juice to compensate for the rum. Not sure what makes more sense.

Susan Rose Hollis


Lori T. December 19, 2019
Yes, you would want to leave out either the milk or lemon juice and replace that with an equal measure of the rum. The liquids are necessary to give your frosting a glaze consistency, although the lemon juice is also acting to flavor it and give a sharper contrast to the sweet taste of the sugar. I'd reduce the amount of milk by about half, omit the lemon juice entirely, and make up the difference with the rum. But how much you decide to use will depend on how prominent you want the rum flavor to be, really. You could also use a rum flavoring, and the full amount of milk- and add more milk as needed to get the right consistency.
Susan R. December 19, 2019
Thank you so much for your quick response. I left out the lemon juice and replaced it with spiced rum. The raisin cookies came out great and taste amazing with the spiced rum icing!
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