Hi! I'm in the middle of making lemon ice cream but I'm having a hard time finding a recipe without eggs. I just wanted to use cream, milk,

lemon juice, orange juice (blood orange) and zest. I've had the juice soaking the sugar but I'm scared to add in the cream for fear it will curdle. My mother was no help. Any advice before I take the plunge and potentially waste the precious meyer lemons and blood oranges?



ChefJune May 6, 2011
I know this is a bit tardy, but if you search for a gelato recipe (specifically) that will have no eggs.
thebreukelenlife March 2, 2011
Thanks everyone for the great suggestions! I was worrying for nothing - it turned out great. Thanks for the support.
innoabrd March 1, 2011
I do a nartjee (a South African mandarin) sherbet frequently using Joy of Cooking's Orange Milk Sherbet recipe as a base. Joy tells us not to worry if the milk curdles as it won't affect the texture after freezing. FWIW, I rather prefer the lightness of the sherbet vs. an ice cream. A cleaner citrus taste, I think. I've posted this recipe a few times now, so I finally just added it to my profile.
Anitalectric March 1, 2011
If you are paranoid about curdling, you can lightly simmer the lemon juice with some of the sugar to make a lemon syrup, and then add that to the milk along with the zest. You will have to use more lemons but the flavor will be more concentrated.

If you want to get creative, you could throw some whole spices into the simmering syrup to get more flavor, like a star anise or some strands of saffron (which will add more pretty yellow color naturally).
ourlastsupper February 28, 2011
Cook's illustrated has a great orange sherbet recipe that uses cream, sugar, zest and juice. It also calls for Cointreau but I find it a bit too cloying. I use vanilla instead. It has a great ice cream consistency.
hardlikearmour February 28, 2011
My book only has custard based citrus ice cream recipes. There is a lemon frozen yogurt recipe, though.
Sam1148 February 28, 2011
Well, if you in the middle of making it...it's pretty much ready to launch.

Google some recipes with agar agar (available at Asian stores and health food stores). It will replace eggs and make a very creamy texture of the ice cream.
thebreukelenlife February 28, 2011
Thanks hardlikearmour - any extra recipes are always exciting!

Thanks Gingerroot. That's really helpful. It's really hard to find an egg free citrus ice cream recipe so at least now I know it will work AND I have something to use my fancy limes for.
hardlikearmour February 28, 2011
If you go to Epicurious.com and do an advanced search on lemon ice cream you can exclude eggs from the search. http://www.epicurious.com/tools/searchresults?type=advanced&search=lemon+ice+cream&operator=All&att=&att=&att=&att=&att=&src=&exclude=eggs&exclude_other=
gingerroot February 28, 2011
Hi, Merrill posted a great no egg recipe for Lime Ice Cream a while back: http://bit.ly/aDeSle
I have made it many times, using tangerines, with great results. It is sooo good!!
hardlikearmour February 28, 2011
I've got an ice cream specific cook book at home, so if you can wait an hour or so I can look for a recipe for you. No guarantee there will be an egg free citrus one, but I am happy to check.
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