Were there to be roasted tomatoes as well as peppers?

We are about an hour out from verde time, and I am excited. I threw in two bay leaves and a little bouquet of fresh cilantro. I was puzzled in the instructions, step two, where it refers to tomatoes that are supposed to steam with the charred peppers. What tomatoes? They aren't on the ingredients list. Initially I thought it was a type-o in the instructions and meant to call for the tomatillos; but that wouldn't make any sense when you read down through the instructions and it goes on to describe how the roughly chopped tomatillos go into a blender with chicken stock while the peppers are roasting. What the hey, I just roasted the tomatillos and blended them with the stock. Were there to be roasted tomatoes as well as peppers? Thank you!

Judith Peres
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Green Chile Pork
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Lori T. December 22, 2019
Hopefully the recipe author will chime in and let us all know. I had a look at the recipe, and that part is confusing, isn't it? I've had chili verde that did contain roasted tomato bits, though my favorite version doesn't. Personally, I think roasting the tomatillos would add a nice touch. I never thought of doing that myself, but I might just do that next time I make mine. I bet yours will be tasty, regardless.
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