Does this chowder freeze well?

This made a lot so hoping I can freeze some?

Madame Sel


Happygoin January 20, 2020
I share Nancy’s opinion of freezing milk-based soups. Do you have any elderly people in your family or neighborhood who’d love a big bowl of that delicious chowder?
Gammy January 20, 2020
The potatoes might be a bit of an issue. Freezing with the potatoes won't ruin the soup, but they might become a bit mealy from the freezing/thawing cycle. Saying that, I have frozen soups and stews that do contain potatoes, know that the texture of the potatoes may change a bit.
Nancy January 20, 2020
Milk also doesn't freeze well.
Sometimes when I have too much soup to serve first time around, I keep it in the fridge and reheat (as needed) after a few days there, yo serve again.
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