Rules for overnight yeasted rolls?

I am making cardamom rolls where the dough is supposed to "chill" (rise?) in the fridge for 2 hours, then once you add the filling and form the rolls, you proof them at room temp for 1 hour. Can I make form the rolls and stick them in the fridge overnight so I can just bake them in the morning? If so, should they proof at room temp in the morning, and for how long? Also, why don't they do a first rise at room temp instead of the fridge chilling? They barely rose when I made them the first time. Thanks! Here's the recipe: Picture from when I just made them start to finish in one go.

  • Posted by: Jessica
  • January 24, 2020
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Nancy January 24, 2020
You could shape them, put in pan then fridge overnight (that would be 2nd rise).
Take the pan out of fridge in morning,
First let come to room temp (about 1 hour) and then rise for one hour (that would be 3rd rise).
Then bake.
So, net two hours plus bake time in morning.
Jessica January 24, 2020
Thanks, Nancy! Why would I need an extra rise?
Stephanie G. January 25, 2020
The cold will retard the yeast a bit. After you allow them to come to room temp, they will get puffy and ready be for the oven.
Nancy January 25, 2020
Jessica - just saw your 2nd question, and was going to reply, but Stephanie has covered it.
Also, allowing the formed raw rolls to warm up and rise from the fridge may give you better height than when you made them before.
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