I would like to see more recipes that don’t depend on cheese for their delightfulness.

My body rejected both dairy and soy in late middle age, and my daughter can’t eat dairy, either. Our whole family is trying to eat a more plant-based diet, so we would love to see more dairy free recipes. Giving up cheese in particular has made lunch and dinner hard to provide. Can you help us?
Thanks, Debbie H.

  • Posted by: Debbie
  • February 9, 2020


Kristen W. February 11, 2020
Oops, that’s supposed to be “Madhur” not “Maddie”! Autocorrect!🙄
Kristen W. February 10, 2020
Maddie Jaffrey’s cookbook “Vegetarian India” has many wonderful recipes that could go vegan if you sub vegetable oil for ghee.
Debbie February 10, 2020
Thank you. I will check my library and then online.
Courtney C. February 9, 2020
There are so many wonderful vegan recipes out there that would definitely suit your needs. One of my favorites on the site is Pasta con Ceci, which is both simple and flavorful without any dairy: https://food52.com/recipes/66790-victoria-granof-s-pasta-con-ceci. Furthermore, check out vegan blogs and cookbooks - Laura Wright’s blog The First Mess (https://thefirstmess.com/) and her cookbook of the same name are wonderful. Amy Chaplin’s new cookbook Whole Food Cooking Everyday is gorgeous and nearly completely dairy and mostly soy free. I’m also very partial to the British chef Anna Jones. Her three cookbooks are fantastic and healthy, with lots of dairy free options. Personally, for a great vegan lunch you can meal prep grain bowls - farro with roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli, roasted chickpeas for protein, with baby arugula or spinach and a herby tahini sauce to top it off can all be prepped in advance and make a really tasty (and portable) meal. Good luck!
Nancy February 9, 2020
Yes to Anna Jones books and recipes!
Will look at the other two, who are new to me.
Debbie February 9, 2020
Thank you I will look up all of those writers and the recipe you recommend. It’s lovely to see this community in action.
Courtney C. February 9, 2020
If you like Anna, you’ll definitely enjoy Amy. Whenever I make anything from either of them I feel like I’m truly nourishing my body.
Courtney C. February 9, 2020
That’s what I’ve always loved about this site. The library is the perfect place to get the cookbooks to try first. I always do that before I buy to see if they are worth it.
Nancy February 9, 2020
Have you made all or most the vegan recipes here?
If not, use an outside search engine and include the ingredients you DONT want with a minus sign just before each.
You'll get many suggestions.
Debbie February 9, 2020
Thank you. I had no idea I could use a minus sign in a search engine. Will try it. I am also working through recipes on Food52. Full of wonderful ideas!
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