Any thoughts on making dairy-free cornbread? Almond, coconut, or soy milk preferable?

Cara Eisenpress


casa-giardino November 12, 2010
Cornbread from my childhood
mklug November 5, 2010
I think it might depend on if/what you're planning on serving it with...we eat a lot of cornbread, even with non-traditional mains. So while I'd probably go with Kayb and say soy (or oatmilk, if you could get it), if you were like us and sending forth with a curry (surprisingly good, especially with a spicy tomato-based one) coconut milk could be good. In fact, now I'm thinking I might try that!
Mr_Vittles November 5, 2010
Hmm... maybe try water and egg yolks. That way it will add the mouthfeel and extra fat that milk would have.
Kayb November 5, 2010
My first blush would be soy, and up the egg quotient. I think almond or coconut would add a taste that doesn't sound to me as though it would work.
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