Any tips/recipes for an amazing pasta sauce?



ShieldCook7 September 26, 2010
Season well is key, FRESH herbs are key, and my personal favorite is using a really good O.O. as well as about 1 T. truffle oil for every 4 cups sauce.
Christina W. September 25, 2010
Here's our family recipe, Sicilian style.
Saute chopped onion and garlic in olive oil.
Add some salt & pepper

Saute until fully sweated and bit browned. Add a generous splash of red wine. (We use our homemade stuff.) Add a few leaves of fresh basil.

As it's tomato season, chop some fresh ones up and toss them in the pot. Sure, paste tomatoes will work best, but we're peasant cooks so we use whatever I pull from the garden!

Cook it down on a low simmer without lid for about an hour or so. When done, blend with immersion blender.

*A NOTE* You can run your fresh tomatoes through a food mill to get rid of the seeds, but honestly, we rarely do it. When you blend everything together, you don't notice the seeds much.

We make huge batches of this stuff and can it. You can use it as a simple red sauce for pasta or as a base for more robust sauces.

Amanda H. September 25, 2010
There was an earlier thread about this -- here's a link!
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