I'm wondering if the sea salt should be coarse sea salt or fine sea salt. I have both and am about to start prepping.

I'm going to assume coarse, because that seems the safer choice unless I hear otherwise. (If it's supposed to be coarse and I use fine sea salt, I'm assuming that would make this way too salty and ruin it ... where not enough salt wouldn't ruin it, presumably.)

Judi Forman


Kristen M. March 24, 2020
Great question, Judi—it depends a bit on the size you make them, but I'd say about 10 from that amount of masa. You'll have much more aciento than memelas if you made the whole recipe, but it keeps well in the fridge and I believe it would freeze well, too!
Judi F. March 24, 2020
Thanks, Kristen. I used course for the aciento and I think it's yummy ... and decided on fine for the Memelas, but used a little less then the recipe said to ... figuring I could salt a little while frying them, if need be. I also am wondering, how many Memelas should this make?
Kristen M. March 24, 2020
We used fine and it wasn't too salty, but this is an easy one to adjust to taste if you choose to start lower—hope you like it!
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