WASABI ICE CREAM: anyone ever tried it?

I came across a recipe and though it looked interesting. Is it meant to be a savory ice cream served with the meal or a dessert. It does have a little sugar in it.

Cuoca Marchisio


ALittleZaftig April 2, 2011
Yes, ate it in Japan. Kicky and delicious. I ate is as part of a composed dessert with a kaiseki meal. I would up the sugar in the recipe if it has just a little.
boulangere April 2, 2011
Actually, gingerroot, it will probably be early in the week. I've just got to make Amanda's Olive OIl Gelato first!
boulangere April 2, 2011
I'll post them as soon as they're done - hopefully this weekend. I can picture horseradish ice cream outside on the lawn of a summer's evening, over a perfectly seared steak - ooooh!
gingerroot April 2, 2011
Last night I tried making fresh horseradish ice cream - I haven't had a chance to really taste it yet, but I'm thinking it could work with a big roast or steak. @boulangere, wasabi sorbet sounds really interesting!
boulangere April 1, 2011
Not yet, but I'm working on a couple of wasabi sorbets I didn't have time to finish in time for the recent contest. We'd love to see what your ideas are.
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