Does anyone have a recipe for sugar free or low sugar ice cream?

Ellen B
  • Posted by: Ellen B
  • July 24, 2014


henandchicks July 24, 2014
If you look at what the sugar does to the frozen ice cream- not just sweetens it, but makes it a bit smoother and softer, then maybe another solution will work for you. Could you use an artificial sweetener and freeze it to a soft serve consistency? Alcohol, even in fairly small amounts, can inhibit freezing- maybe you could adds some? If sweet traditional flavoring liqueurs are too sugary, even something like vodka will soften your end results. Finally, using a sugar with flavor, not just sweetness, might be a good sub- brown sugar, really ripe fruit purees, maple. etc.- while all ARE sugar, maybe you can get away with less since you will also be adding another layer of flavor.
Declan July 24, 2014
Sorry. Spell check issue. Meant "Granita"
Italian dessert. Low sugar!
Declan July 24, 2014
Declan July 24, 2014
ChefJune July 24, 2014
How low would be "low sugar" to you? My ice cream recipes are almost all crafted for 4 cups of milk or cream, 2 extra large eggs, and 1/2 cup sugar. I consider that "very low." if you do too, message me and I'll send you some recipes.
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